Roberto Pulido Y Los Clasicos Release Studio Album ‘Cuida Bien A Tu Mama’

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Roberto Pulido Y Los Clasicos, the iconic Tejano band, has gifted fans with their final studio album, “Cuida Bien A Tu Mama.” Released on May 31, this musical masterpiece is a heartfelt tribute to their legacy. Produced by Latin Grammy winner Bobby Pulido, Roberto’s son, and co-produced by multiple Grammy winner Gilbert Velasquez, the album has already made waves in the music industry.

“Cuida Bien A Tu Mama” debuted at an impressive #2 on Apple Music’s Musica Mexicana album charts, captivating listeners with its soulful melodies and poignant lyrics. The response has been overwhelming, as fans celebrate the band’s remarkable journey and Roberto Pulido’s enduring impact on Tejano music.

Bobby Pulido, who played a pivotal role in producing the album, shared his sentiments: “It was a true privilege to produce this album for my dad, alongside Gilbert Velasquez. This is my dad’s final album, and he’s given it his all. I’m extremely proud of him.”

Roberto Pulido, affectionately known as “El Primo,” has been a Tejano music pioneer for over five decades. Born and raised in Edinburg, Texas, he introduced the accordion and saxophone into his music, bridging traditional conjunto and modern Tejano styles. His band, Los Clasicos, produced regional hits like “Copa Tras Copa,” “Simplemente,” and “Senorita Cantinera.” Pulido’s legacy extends beyond the stage, inspiring generations of musicians.

Bobby Pulido, following in his father’s footsteps, carved his own path as a Tejano artist. His debut album, “Desvelado,” released in 1995, showcased his talent and youthful energy. Bobby’s contributions to Tejano music have resonated with Mexican-American teenagers, making him a beloved figure in the genre. He received a Latin GRAMMY for Best Tejano Album in 2022 for his EP “‘Para Que Baile Mi Pueblo.”

“Cuida Bien A Tu Mama” is now available on all digital music platforms. Whether you’re a longtime fan or discovering Tejano music for the first time, this album promises an emotional journey through Roberto Pulido Y Los Clasicos’ rich musical heritage.

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