Lucky Joe Honors Fathers with New Single ‘Querido Papá’

Courtesy of Freddie Records

In celebration of Father’s Day, Latin GRAMMY nominee Lucky Joe has released a poignant new single titled “Querido Papá.” This heartfelt song is a tribute to his late father, Oliverio Eguia, and is dedicated to all who are missing their fathers on this special day.

In an exclusive interview with Tejano Nation radio host Romeo, Lucky Joe shared the inspiration behind the song. He initially planned to record a cover song about a father, but a conversation with Freddie Martinez, Jr., changed his perspective. Martinez suggested, “Don’t you think your dad needs his own song?” This question was a reality check for Lucky Joe, leading him to create a unique melody and lyrics for his father.

Lucky Joe said, “It hit me just right in the face. You know, it was like a reality check. And he was right. So I didn’t think nothing of it. We were on our way to San Antonio because we were going to perform. And I saw the guitar there in the van and I grabbed it and I came up with like a really cool little melody and then I put words to it.”

The song was recorded in the ranchero style with a mariachi arrangement by Edcouch-Elsa ISD mariachi program co-director Michael Sital, similar to the song Lucky Joe wrote for his late mother, “La Extraño Tanto.” The track was produced by Lucky Joe and recorded at the renowned Legends Sound Studios in Corpus Christi. The executive producers were Los Hermanos Martinez (Freddie Martinez, Jr.John Martinez, and Marc Martinez), with Mariano “Nano” Herrera handling the recording, mixing, and mastering.

Lucky Joe believes that “Querido Papá” is a healing song for those who have lost a parent. He said, “It’s a really healing song that mas que nada and I think that for those of us who have lost a parent, a father, it’s a song that can be used to heal. You know, it’s just a beautiful tribute to my father.”

The song begins and ends with a conversation that Lucky Joe had with his father over the phone. He shared, “It was so crazy because the idea came about, Freddie’s like, ‘Do you have any home movies with your dad?’ And I said, no, but I have an audio recording of me and him speaking over the phone. So we use that to put in the beginning of the song and at the end. It was a cherry on top. It’s just a beautiful, beautiful rendition, a beautiful tribute to anyone who has lost a father. It is perfect for Father’s Day.”

Lucky Joe hopes that his fans can relate to the song and find comfort in its message. He said, “There’s a lot of us that have gone through the loss of a parent, and I want to make it as relatable as I can to our friends. I’ve always tried to keep it real enough so they can connect with us. I’ve always been one that I love my fans and they love me so much. So I just wanted to give them something as well that they could relate to.”

“Querido Papá” is more than just a song; it’s a piece of Lucky Joe’s heart, a testament to the enduring bond between a father and child. It’s a reminder of the love and legacy that fathers leave behind, resonating with listeners who hold their own cherished memories of paternal figures.

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