Juan P. Moreno Takes a Break From Music Citing Health Concerns

Juan P. Moreno | Instagram / @juanpmorenotx

Juan P. Moreno has announced a temporary withdrawal from the music scene, in a sincere announcment to his fans and colleagues. Citing health concerns that necessitate immediate attention, Moreno expresses his regret for any inconvenience caused by the postponement of his shows and appearances.

Moreno stated, “At this moment, my health must come first, and I will put all my effort into being ready and healthy as soon as possible to sing for all of you with my music.”

Moreno’s decision reflects the difficult times he and his family are facing, yet his commitment to his fans remains unwavering. He extends his gratitude for the understanding and affection shown to him during this challenging period.

“I appreciate your understanding and affection for me,” Moreno shares, emphasizing the support he has received from his audience and industry partners

Juan P. Moreno has captivated audiences with his dynamic performances and heartfelt music with a career spanning several decades. Moreno embodies the spirit of Tejano tradition, earning a GRAMMY nomination for Best Tejano Album at the 53rd GRAMMY Awards in 2011. His dedication to the genre is evident in every note he plays, whether strumming his guitar or leading his band on stage highlighting the vibrant mosaic of Tejano culture and its lasting heritage.

As the Tejano community sends its best wishes to Moreno, TejanoNation.net will continue to provide updates on his journey back to music.

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