Roel Martinez Collaborates with Perfect Team for New Album ‘Mas Que Ayer’

winning Tejano artist who won Male Vocal Performance of the Year at the 4th annual Premios Tejano Mundial earlier this year, has released his new album “Mas Que Ayer”. The album was released under Colibri Music Records out of Toluca, Mexico, on May 30th and is available on all digital platforms.

The album is a result of a collaborative effort from a team of producers, engineers, and artists from around the world. “I want to mention all the people who collaborated in this CD, Más Que Ayer. Of course, go out to my producers, Miguel Hernández, and brand new producers that got on board on this one, Juan Treviño, of course, he just won the Latin Grammy, and he’s part of the team that we have, and Aaron HollerChristopher Alva, and Mario San Marti,” Martinez told Tejano Nation Radio host Romeo.

The album features a variety of songs, including rancheras, cumbias, and a slow song. It also includes a collaboration with a two-time Latin Grammy winner. “I did a duet with Mr. Juan Treviño, who wrote ‘Último Capítulo’, and that’s a real beautiful song, man. I had the pleasure of telling Juan to record it with me, and we did a duet with that song,” Martinez added.

The album’s new single, “Papa”, is a touching tribute to fathers justin time for Father’s Day, especially those who are no longer with us. “It’s a song written by a gentleman here from Laredo, Daniel Vasquez. I know we always tend to leave the dads a little bit out of the picture, but when I heard this song it just hit me in my heart, man. When you don’t have your dad with us anymore and, you know, he’s up in heaven. So, this song is dedicated to all the fathers out there that we don’t have with us anymore. So, it’s a really, really touching song and I hope everybody likes it,” Martinez shared.

The album title, “Mas Que Ayer”, reflects Martinez’s growth as an artist. “At first, I was going to name the CD, ‘Rayito de Luz’. That was my first intent, was to put the name of the song but everything started evolving. We started getting more songs and stuff like that, and then Chris from Colibri Music said, ‘Let’s name it something that you’ve done before, but better than what you did before, and that’s how it came up, Más Que Ayer,” Martinez explained.

With “Mas Que Ayer”, Martinez hopes to connect with his fans and share the love that he and his team have put into the music.

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