Texas Rapper Honors Selena with ‘Swang With You’ Collaboration

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Texas rapper Justin Case released a new track on April 16, coinciding with the birthday of the late Latin music icon Selena, titled “Swang With You”. This song is not just another addition to his discography, but a heartfelt tribute to the Queen of Tejano, who continues to inspire artists across genres and generations.

Justin Case, known for his unique blend of hip-hop and Tejano influences, sampled Selena’s hit song “Dreaming of You” for this collaboration. The track features fellow artists Dirty BriganteIce, and Cella Black, each bringing their distinctive style to the mix. The result is a fusion of sounds that pays homage to Selena’s legacy while showcasing the versatility and creativity of these contemporary artists.

The music video for “Swang With You” was filmed by Mak Shot This for OnTheReel Films. It captures the energy and passion of the artists, reflecting the spirit of Selena’s music in a modern context. Swang is a slang term for showily steering a car side to side while driving. It can also be slang for chilling out and feeling good.

Justin Case + Dirty + Ice + Cella — Swang With You (Video)

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This collaboration is a testament to Selena’s enduring influence in the music industry. Even though she left us too soon, her music continues to resonate with artists and fans alike. Through songs like “Swang With You”, her legacy lives on, inspiring new generations to explore and appreciate Tejano music.

As we continue to celebrate Selena, let’s also celebrate the artists like Justin Case who keep her memory alive through their music. Stream or download “Swang With You” on all digital music platforms and join us in honoring La Reina del Tex-Mex, Selena .

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