Pete Astudillo Honors Mothers and Women with ‘Mujer’

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Tejano music legend Pete Astudillo has released a new song, “Mujer,” just in time for Mother’s Day. The song is a heartfelt tribute to all mothers and women, acknowledging their unconditional love and the sacrifices they make.

Astudillo’s journey with “Mujer” began when he was just 16 years old. Wanting to give his mother a meaningful gift, he started writing this song. He sang it a cappella to her on Mother’s Day, marking the beginning of a song that would evolve over the years.

Years later, Astudillo decided to produce the song in a studio. Initially, it was meant to be a personal piece for his family. However, he realized that the song could serve as a tribute to all mothers and women.

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“It’s a tribute to all the moms, single moms, the young moms, old moms. And in reality, it’s a tribute to women, to all the incredible women that give us their unconditional love,” Astudillo shared with The Bo Corona Show.

“Mujer” is a song that can be sung to any woman who has made a significant impact in one’s life. It’s a tribute to women and what they do for us, acknowledging their unconditional love and the sacrifices they make.

A heartfelt music video was also released for the song, further amplifying its message

Pete Astudillo — “Mujer” (Official Music Video)

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With “Mujer,” Astudillo continues to contribute to the rich legacy of Tejano music, while also honoring the women who shape our lives with their love and strength. This Mother’s Day, let’s join Astudillo in celebrating all the incredible women in our lives.

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