Jesse Turner Emphasizes Respect and Positivity in Video Statement

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Jesse Turner, the lead vocalist of the Latin Grammy-winning Tejano band Siggno, may have addressed the swirling rumors regarding the abrupt end of the Casate Conmigo Tour featuring Jennifer Peña. The tour, which was named after the chart-topping duet from Siggno and Pena, had fans questioning why Peña, who had signed to Turner’s JT Entertainment management company late last year, was no longer on tour with Siggno

Turner took to social media to share a video in response to those seeking information, though he did not directly mention the tour. In the caption, he wrote, “Here’s to everybody wanting a reaction out of me. I hear about it, I see it, I’ll sometimes read it, but I don’t care. I got nothing but love for you, I got no gossip, I got no negative story, I got nothing for your entertainment. Only time I respond to anything is when I’m actually trying to help someone, when I promote music, when I share information that I feel will help someone be better.”

In the video, Turner expressed his thoughts on how his silence has led people to make assumptions about him. He said, “I think it’s funny how my silence turns people into having conclusions about me and they make assumptions about me, especially when they’ve been knowing me for years and I’ve been very respectful and I’ve been nothing but a gentleman with them. Just because I haven’t given you information doesn’t mean that it belongs to you. You know, a true gentleman will always do this, keep his mouth shut. Words can hurt and the truth can hurt and I’m not about to put my truth out there so that everybody can have an opinion, just so people can have likes and shares and a story. That doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is being respectful enough to not say anything. Much love.”

Fans were hoping for answers from Peña during two recent interviews with “The Bean and Chisme Show” and “Bumper’s Wacky Wednesday,” but the award-winning singer only spoke highly of the song’s success and time spent during the tour.

In an exclusive statement to Tejano Nation, Peña said, “I am proud of the song we wrote together, and we had some pretty awesome moments on the tour. There’s a reason and a season for everything, and you have to know when it’s time to move on. I choose and will always choose to focus on the good and what the future has in store for all of us.”

As the dust settles on this chapter, both Turner and Peña continue to focus on their music and their fans, reminding us all that respect and positivity are at the heart of the Tejano music community.

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