Cristina Salinas x Joseph Gonzales Put a Spin on Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’

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Cristina Salinas, the celebrated Latin Grammy-winning singer, has teamed up with veteran musician Joseph Gonzales to create an electrifying cumbia remake of the classic hit “Dreams” by legendary rock band Fleetwood Mac. The result? A fusion of musical styles that’s sure to captivate listeners.

Cristina Salinas shared her excitement about the collaboration: “Joseph Gonzales and I collaborated on this truly special cumbia and we hope it brings you joy! I’m so grateful to collaborate with talented musicians and artists like himself. Let’s uplift and inspire each other! Give it a thumbs up and share the love!”

Joseph Gonzales, who played all the instruments on the collaboration, echoed the same sentiment: “Thank you to the amazingly talented Cristina Salinas for sharing her beautiful voice!”

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Whether you’re a Tejano music enthusiast or a Fleetwood Mac fan, this cumbia version of “Dreams”promises to be a delightful addition to your playlist. So hit that thumbs up button and spread the joy!

Cristina Salinas x Joseph Gonzales – Dreams (Cumbia / Fleetwood Mac Cover)

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Remember, music has the power to connect us all, transcending genres and borders. Let Cristina Salinas and Joseph Gonzales take you on a rhythmic journey that celebrates the magic of music.

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