Alicia C Shares Tribute to Motherhood with Her Mother on ‘Orgullo Mio’

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Just in time for Mother’s Day, Tejano music artist Alicia C has released a new song, “Orgullo Mio,” featuring her mother, Deanna Zavala. This duet is not just a song, but a heartfelt tribute to the bond between a mother and daughter, and it’s one of Alicia’s favorite songs on her debut EP, Cada Parte De Mi, produced by Tejano icon Shelly Lares.

Alicia C shares, “It is special to me because my mom is who taught me how to sing. I grew up listening to her every day.” The last time Alicia heard her mom sing was when she was 16 years old. When the opportunity for them to sing together arose, they seized it. Alicia adds, “I’m so proud of her. At the age of 70, she was finally able to experience a recording studio and hear herself professionally. The look on her face was unforgettable.”

“Orgullo Mio” is more than just a song. It’s a testament to the power of motherhood and the influence a mother can have on her child’s life and career. The duet is a tender song telling a story of the bond between a mother and her child. It’s beautiful, heartwarming, emotional, and will tug at your heartstrings. Alicia C said, “I hope you all love it! Just in time for Mother’s Day!”

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For Alicia C, her mother was not just a parent, but also her first music teacher, her inspiration, and her biggest cheerleader.

Alicia C added, “When I tell y’all that this song makes me cry every time I hear it, I literally am sobbing! My mom hadn’t sang in over 20 years and she did this for me. She was nervous, anxious, excited, but most importantly full of love, lots and lots of love. This song and the experience we had together is truly special.”

This Mother’s Day, as we celebrate the love and sacrifices of mothers everywhere, let’s take a moment to appreciate the beautiful music they’ve inspired. Whether it’s through a lullaby sung at bedtime or a duet on a debut album, mothers continue to shape the world of music in profound ways.

So, this Mother’s Day, stream or download “Orgullo Mio” and celebrate the love between a mother and daughter, beautifully encapsulated in a song. Happy Mother’s Day

Alicia C — Orgullo Mio featuring Deanna Zavala

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