Grupo Frontera Shines on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Grupo Frontera perform ”Amor Propio” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Grupo Frontera treated the audience of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to a special musical performance by the award-winning Tejano/Norteño music group. Hailing from Edinburg, Texas, the band brought their unique blend of energy and passion to the stage, captivating viewers across the nation.

Grupo Frontera, known for their infectios cumbia rhythms, has been making waves in the music industry with their distinctive sound since a group of friends joined together two years ago. Their performance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” was no exception as the band delivered “Amor Propio”, the latest release from their album “El Comienzo”. The song, a lively and infectious tune, had the audience dancing along, embodying the joy and energy that Grupo Frontera brings to their music.

The performance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” is a testament to Grupo Frontera’s growing popularity and their ability to connect with audiences through their music. As they continue to make their mark on the music scene, there’s no doubt that we can expect great things from this talented group in the future as they continue to promote Tejano and Norteño music to the world.

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