The Bean & Chisme Show Announces Return of Popular Co-Host

“Bean And Chisme” Hosts Samantha Najera and Nina Duran. | Courtesy photo

SAN ANTONIO, TX — The popular “Bean and Chisme Show” is announcing the return of the original co-host Nina Duran for the 2024 Season.

Created by both Duran and Samantha Najera, the dynamic duo is excited to be back producing the original live web show they co-created as “just an idea” back in 2017. Since then, the show has grown in popularity across the country, nearly quadrupling their following across all social media platforms over the past two years.

From just a live broadcast on Facebook, the show has evolved into a full on comedy talk show, often producing sketches that are highly relatable to the Hispanic community. The brand has also grown to develop live performances and a comedy collective of other content creators who collaborate on sketches regularly. This allows the opportunity for other comedians to have their talents showcased across all platforms including Chona-E 210AJ Rivas, and Michelle Cantu.

“We are so excited to have Nina back on the team,” explained co-creator Samantha Najera. “Nina was an integral part of the brand and our chemistry as co-hosts is undeniable. A big popularity factor of our show wasn’t just the funny sketches, it was our ability to have fun and candid convos that really struck a nerve, yet were highly relatable. I certainly missed having her and I know the fans have too.”

The 2024 season of the live webshow broadcast will continue to be a hybrid of talk show meets comedy series, often cutting between convo and sketches. The duo has always sought to engage in meaningful conversations that are often taboo and they use comedy to bring those messages home.

“After taking some time off to focus on my family and personal matters, I am beyond excited to return as Co-Host on the show and I can’t wait to pick up right where we left off. I am so proud of the growth of the brand we have seen over these past few years and I can’t wait to see what we do next. From the beginning, we’ve always wanted to influence change through comedy and real conversations, and that is exactly what we will continue to do,” explained Duran.

The 2024 season will return LIVE on FB and Youtube in January. Official date TBD. For more information visit Follow on all platforms:

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