Ray Ray premieres music video for original song ‘Feliz Cumpleanos’

Ray Ray — ‘Feliz Cumpleanos’ (Official Music Video)

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Latin singer-songwriter Ray Ray has released a new music video for his original birthday song “Feliz Cumpleanos”, which is part of his second album. The song, composed by Raymond M. Garcia, is a heartfelt tribute to the joy of celebrating life and sharing it with loved ones.

The music video, which premiered on social media, features Ray Ray in his signature hat and sunglasses wearing a tuxedo with gold confetti falling behind him.

Ray Ray wanted to create his own version of the classic “Happy Birthday” song in Spanish because he felt there was a lack of such songs in the Latin music industry. He collaborated with Hugo Guerrero from Nightmare Audio Productions to produce the song, which has a catchy melody and a positive message.

Ray Ray is an ASCAP Latin songwriter who has been writing songs since he was a teenager. He has released two albums so far and plans to continue making music that reflects his emotions and experiences. The Tejano Music Awards winner for Video of the Year in 2021 invites fans to watch his new music video for “Feliz Cumpleanos”.

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