Siggno’s Jesse Turner Hints at ‘Something Big’ with A.B. Quintanilla III

A.B. Quintanilla IIi and Jesse Turner | Photo: Instagram @jesseturner11 by @juanito_conga

Fans of Siggno and AB Quintanilla are buzzing with excitement after Jesse Turner, the lead singer of Siggno, posted some intriguing photos on his social media accounts. The photos show Turner in the Q Productions studios, wearing a Selena hoodie, singing into a microphone, and working with Quintanilla, Siggno member Richard Rosales and Chris Dominguez.

Turner captioned the photos: “I can’t say too much, but something big is coming. Thank you, AB and family, for the Selena merchandise and for the Selena tour.”

The Selena tour refers to a visit around the Selena Museum and studios honoring the late Queen of Tejano music in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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But what is the “something big” that Turner is hinting at? Could it be a collaboration between AB Quintanilla and Jesse Turner with Siggno? That would be a dream come true for many Tejano music lovers, as both artists are known for their innovative and catchy songs that blend cumbia, pop, rock, and other genres.

Turner recently signed AB Quintanilla Y Los Kumbia Allstarz to his new management company JT Entertainment, which also represents Siggno, Lucky JoeLos Rayos del Sol de Fidencio Ayala y Héctor Garza, and Grupo Asalto.

Quintanilla shared more details on his Instagram account. “As a producer/composer when creating I always try to create forever songs. Songs that will never be forgotten,” he said. “I’m presently in the studio creating more music for you guys, my extended family. Hope you love them!”

He added the lead single from the album will be released on November 24. “I’ve collaborated with other amazing artists. Who do you think will be my first featured artist?”

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Could the song be a collaboration between AB Quintanilla and Jesse Turner with Siggno? We will have to wait and see what these Tejano stars have in store for us. But one thing is certain: whatever it is, it will be big.

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