Stefani Montiel saved by daughter from falling off stage

Stefani Montiel peforms at Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair in San Antonio, Texas, on March 18, 2023. | Photo: Mariaelena Villarreal / Tejano Nation

SAN ANTONIO, TX — Stefani Montiel was saved from a possible injury when her daughter and backup singer, Ileah Zavala, kept the Tejano superstar from falling off the stage during her performance at Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair 2023 on Saturday night (March 18).

The incident happened during the show when the singer was performing her high-energy Cumbia “Let’s Drink and Dance” and she decided to place her left foot on a speaker and when she attempted to return it to the stage she began to lose her balance but her daughter was able to grab her from behind and help her stay balanced.

Stefani said, “Thank you, baby,” on the microphone as she was saved from a possible horrific fall. The scene was captured by Tejano Nation during a live-streamed video of the performance on Facebook. You can see it at around the 8:30 mark of the video.

Gabriel Zavala, Stefani’s husband and Ileah’s father, who is also bandleader and music director, shared the video with the caption, “Stefani Montiel’s daughter and back up singer SAVES her mother from a horrific fall from the stage…uggghhhh so thankful! They didn’t miss a beat! Truly pros!”

Stefani Montiel is currently on her Lone Star Nights Tour 2023, celebrating 30 years in Tejano music.

“I’m excited to announce that 2023 marks a huge milestone in my career as I am celebrating my 30th year in Tejano Music,” she said. “As I look back I remember the excitement in being part of the Tejano Music scene and living in The Lone Star State to realize my dreams and here I am all these years later still living my dream and loving this beautiful industry! So with that said, in celebration of 30 years in the industry, I welcome you to Stefani Montiel’s Lone Star Nights Tour 2023.”

Montiel has spent three decades in Texas since her move from New Mexico to pursue a career in Tejano music. A career that includes numerous hit songs, many successful albums, three nominations each for the Grammy Awards and Latin Grammy Awards, and of course multiple Tejano Music Awards, even an induction into the Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Fame in 2013.

The Lone Star Nights Tour 2023 will head to many venues across the state of Texas and will be scheduled for dates in Florida, Michigan, Milwaukee, and New Mexico this summer.

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