Tortilla Factory plans Bobby Butler tribute with Marcus Daniels

“El Charro Negro” Bobby Butler (Photo by Lupe Moya)

Tortilla Factory is celebrating 50 years in 2023. The legendary group will tribute the late Bobby Butler, “El Charro Negro,” with Marcus Daniels during their performance at Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair on March 18 in San Antonio, Texas.

Butler passed away in October 2016. He is best known for breaking down barriers as the first African American Tejano singer, entering the Tejano music industry in the 1960s. He joined Little Joe and The Latinaires as a drummer and vocalist, eventually forming Tortilla Factory in the 1970s with Tony Guerrero, earning two Grammy nominations and receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Tejano Music Awards and induction into the Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame.

“El Charro Negro” was an inspiration to Daniels, who grew up in Waco, Texas, immersed in Tejano music and culture.

“Ever since I was a teenager, people would see me dance and people would see how I loved Tejano culture,” Daniels tells Tejano Nation. “Ever since then, I wanted to meet him, unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance.”

Alfredo Guerrero said, “Marcus had been reaching out to me over the last few years when Charro was still alive wanting to meet him. He was his hero. We were about to set that up but Charro unfortunately passed and I called him and asked him if he would like to be a part of the show and come sing some of Charro’s songs.”

After Butler’s death, Daniels recorded the Tortilla Factory classic, “El Papalote,” as a tribute to Butler. One of the songs that Daniels will perform during Tortilla Factory’s scheduled 5:20 pm performance on Friday at the TMA Fan Fair at the Gateway Stage. He plans a wardrobe tribute to “El Charro Negro.”

Marcus Daniels | Courtesy photo

Alfredo added Tortilla Factory is planning a 50th-anniversary album featuring guest artists and hopes to release it in April.

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