Liz Garcia Gives Back to Uvalde and Continues Forging Her Own Path Forward

Liz Garcia at Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair 2022 in San Antonio, Texas. | Photo: Mariaelena Villarreal / Tejano Nation

So far, 2022 has been bittersweet for Liz Garcia. The May 24 massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde hit the award-winning Tejano singer-songwriter especially hard. Not only is she the mother of school-age children herself, but the small town west of San Antonio has also been like a second home to her and has shown her great support every time she has performed there. 

A natural response to such a tragedy is to find ways to help. There have been many concerts and fundraisers all over the country to benefit the families and community of Uvalde, as well as blood drives and other initiatives to help the town. While she will also be performing at Uvalde Strong alongside other Tejano artists on Sunday, June 26th, Liz has also organized ​​“Bears for Comfort,” a teddy bear drive for the children in Uvalde who witnessed the horrible events that day. Fans and supporters have contributed teddy bears to the cause, which will be distributed on Sunday, June 26th in Uvalde. She is also scheduled to perform at another Uvalde benefit on July 2nd. 

After winning the Tejano Music Award for Best New Female Artist in 2021, Liz was voted Best Band/Musician by the readers in the Best of the City Awards 2022, presented by San Antonio Magazine – an award she also won in 2021. The awards kept on coming, as she was nominated in six categories and won Female Vocalist of the Year at this year’s All-Star Music Awards. 

Recording for her third album, titled Pisando Fuerte, will take place this summer, featuring more original tunes she penned herself. Of the 21 songs on her first two albums, 16 of them were original – something that is rarely seen or heard in Tejano music these days. The album’s first single, the original ranchera “Me Dejaste,” was released in November 2021, and a new single will be released soon. 

This Saturday, June 25th, Liz is scheduled to perform at Pride San Antonio for the fourth year in a row. She will be performing on the Bud Light stage at 4:15pm at Crockett Park in San Antonio. 

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