La Machy expresses her signature cumbia style on cover of ‘Mamii’

La Machy is best known as a founding member of GRAMMY-nominated international cumbia band La Conquista. The singer-songwriter and musician released a cover “Mamii,” adding her own signature cumbia style to the chart-topping collaboration between Karol G and Becky G.

The lead single from her solo cumbia project, produced by Roland “RoRo” Gutierrez, features the signature urban cumbia beats that La Machy has been recognized since the all-girl group La Conquista debuted 25 years ago in Monterrey, Mexico.

Machy knew she wanted to do her own version of the song after hearing the empowering collaboration. “I just loved it and then I see the impact of that song and it’s going viral like everywhere and I see that nobody’s done the cumbia version yet so I had the idea, ‘You know, I’m just going to do the cumbia version of that song.'” she said.

She hit the Dragon Lab studio with Gutierrez in Corpus Christi, Texas, where she now calls home, and produced the track within four sessions.

“Machy added, “We’re pretty excited about putting this song out.”

La Machy — “Mamii”

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La Machy intends to release more cumbia songs and go back to performing on stage.

“I’m planning on putting more cumbias out and start playing again back to Conquista stages, you know, keep playing, maybe gigging too and just playing new songs that I’m going to be putting out and why not play some Conquista hits on the shows,” she said.

“Mamii” is available to stream on La Machy’s YouTube channel.

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