Jaime DeAnda continues on long recovery after medical emergency,

Photo: Darlene DeAnda

Jaime DeAnda was hospitalized in December after a medical emergency. | Photo: Darlene DeAnda

Jaime DeAndacontinues on his long recovery after the Conjunto music icon was hospitalized in Decemberfor a life-threatening medical emergencythat required surgery. Acrowdfunding campaignhas been set up to help the 57-year-old singer with medical and recovery costs.

DeAnda’s wife,Darlene DeAnda, set up the GoFundMe pagefor her husband and shared more details on his medical emergency. “Jaime had a medical emergency that got so bad it made it almost impossible for him to breathe. If I had waited any longer to take him to the ER he might not be here today,” she said. “When the doctor finally saw him he said, ‘Wow this is bad! Mrs. DeAnda, we need to put a trachea down his throat if not he will die but even with the trachea, there is a 50/50 chance he might not make it.’ Before I could even answer, the doctor had the nurse wheel Jaime away and said we have to do this now we are just losing time.”

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Jaime received life-saving treatment including surgery that required sedated recovery in the ICU for three days. He will need physical therapy to recuperate, which is an out-of-pocket expense for the Grammy-nominated accordionist.

“We are trying to raise funds to assist with related to his medical care, recovery and make it easier for him to get back to living a full and active life,” added Darlene. “Thank you so much in advance for your support, it is greatly appreciated.”

To contribute to Jaime DeAnda’s crowdfunding campaign, you can donatehere.Tejano Nationwill continue to update his recovery as more information becomes available.

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