Mike Gonzalez continues legacy of father Jimmy Gonzalez with upcoming album

Mike Gonzalezis the son late Tejano iconJimmy Gonzalezand he is continuing the legacy of his father as he plans to release a debut album for his own band,Mike Gonzalez and The Iconiczz,with a double Z at the end as a tribute to his father’s bandMazz.

“I’m going to release this album and I’m trying to get it as close to his style but my dad was unbelievable in the studio,” Mike Gonzalez tellsTejano Nation. “I sat there with him and I was like how are these ideas coming out of your head right now. There was nothing recorded, there was nothing on tape, the idea — there was nothing like that — and I would just sit there and I was like, ‘Wow, this is unbelievable right now.'”

The album is expected to be released this summer, but Mike is already thinking of his next project.

“The next album I want to do a tribute to Jimmy Gonzalez with different singer singing Jimmy G songs,” he said. “That’s something that I’m looking forward to working on as well.”

The pandemic cancelled the annual Forever Jimmy G Music Fest in 2020, but Mike has plans for the future of the festival that has been held in Brownsville, Texas in the past.

“As far as the music festival and I’ve spoken to my brother’s about it, we want to tour that festival,” he said. “So bring it to San Antonio and take it to Houston, take it to Dallas, you know what I’m saying.”

Mike Gonzalez and the Iconiczz have released two singles, “Una Estrella Mas” and “Te He de Querer.” Both will be included in the highly-anticipated debut album that will feature all original songs except for two songs, one is a cover of Mike’s favorite song of his father’s from the past.

Mike Gonzalez & The Iconiczz — Te He de Querer Toda la Vida

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Jimmy Gonzalez passed away in June 2018 and is remembered as a pioneer, icon, and one of the most influential artists in Tejano Music leading Grupo Mazz to multiple Grammy Awards and Latin Grammy Awards.

The legacy of Jimmy Gonzalez will continue with his son Mike Gonzalez leading the way.

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