Siggno takes top two spots of Latin Singles chart with ‘¿Verdad Que Duele?’

Courtesy Azteca Music Group

Siggnoreleased two versions of the new single “¿Verdad Que Duele?” on June 18 and the Grammy-winning band took the top two spots of the iTunes Latin Singles charts less than 12 hours after the release.

Two versions were released to digital platforms including a Rockteño version featuring Grammy-winning guitaristChris Perez, which took the top spot of the singles chart, accordingAzteca Music Group.

Siggno frontmanJesse TurnertellsTejano Nationmuch of their success comes from the six-time Latin Grammy-winning group’s unique sound. “It’s just that we sound different. We sound like Siggno,” he said. “Sounds like our drummer is the guy from Def Leppard (that) played on the drums and the bass sounds very rockish and the bajo sexto, it’s not a guitar it’s a bajo sexto, and it’s not a lead guitar playing, it’s an accordion joined with an electric guitar from Chris Perez.”

Chris Perez and Jesse Turner | Courtesy photo

“We’re not wanting to sound the same, we’re trying to make music and it sounds different and it’s being accepted,” he added.

Turner also spoke about the debate over Siggno being considered Tejano.

“Tejano has taken on different identities,” he said. “When you choose to just say Ram Herrera and Emilio, those are Tejano and Siggno’s not, then you know what you do? You make your circle a little bit smaller every single day, that’s what you do. Instead of saying let’s add this to our mixture to our menu of Tejano, you say, ‘Nah, they belong over there,con la musica Mexicana.’ When that happens, we don’t say anything. We’re just kind of like — whatever it makes you feel, that’s what we are — but at the end of the day we are Tejano.”

No matter what category they are placed, the fact remains the same, Siggno continues to have success with sold-out concerts and chart-topping hits.

Courtesy Azteca Music Group

“¿Verdad Que Duele?” is the lead single from an upcoming album from Siggno that is expected to be released later this year.

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