Destiny Navaira drops ‘Contigo Sin Ti’ video teaser

Destiny Navairais the next generation of the Navaira musical family and the award-winning singer released a teaser video for her next single “Contigo Sin Ti” on Thursday (Jan. 7).

It’s the latest release from the two-time Tejano Music Award winner’s debut solo album,La Preferida, released in March 2020.

The highly anticipated solo album from the talented songstress was filled with many hit songs including “Entrégate, Entrégate,” “Te Fuiste,” and “Pienso En Ti,” a remake of the classic song from her late uncleEmilio Navaira.

La Preferidawas released at the beginning of the pandemic and Destiny wasn’t able to fully support the album with performances due to the shutdown of music venues. She believes the time off from touring during the pandemic was a blessing allowing her time to work on her sophomore album.

“I really think that God has given me this time to write more music and the music that we’re working on is such an advanced level from where my first album is,” she tells Tejano Nation. “Not that my first album, you know I love it to death, but I think this second album we’re working on is just so much more me. I’ve grown as not only a singer but as a songwriter and as a musician and as a businesswoman.”

“I think God definitely gave me this time to show me, you know if I’m really going to do this for my career and shoot for the stars where I wanna shoot,” she added. “Also being able to put out a lot more music is pretty cool.”

The official music video for “Contigo Sin Ti” will be released in full on January 15.

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