Veronique Medrano covers “El Problema” for latest single [AUDIO]

Veronique Medrano released “El Problema” on August 16, it’s the latest single off the singer’s third album “Loteria.”

“Being in love, breaking up & being heartbroken are the steps we all go through to finding love,” Veronique said about the song. “Everything in my personal life was crumbling when I recorded this song; the emotional breaks in my voice, that came over me, just happened.”

“El Problema” was originally written and performed byRicardo Arjona, one of the favorite singers for Veronique’s mother.

“So, when I decided to put this cover on the record she couldn’t say no!” Veronique said with a laugh. “You need to remember, my first two albums have all original music, ‘Loteria’ does also, but this is the first time we add covers; three to be exact.”

“Loteria” was released byCHR Recordsin March 2018 and is available at all digital music platforms.

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LISTEN: Veronique Medrano – “El Problema”



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