Patsy Torres and Michelle Chel team for upcoming duet


Tejano legendPatsy Torresis teaming up withMichellefor an upcoming duet and the pair gaveTejano Nationexclusive details.

“We have a big surprise for everybody,” said Torres. “We have recorded a duet and we’re going to ‘do it’.”

“We are,” added Michelle. “We’re going to be doing our new duet and promoting it.”

The duo didn’t give a lot of details but promisedTejano Nationwill get the exclusive first listen in about three weeks fromHacienda International, who just opened a new studio in San Antonio, Texas.

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“I’ve got to tell I’m very, very proud of Michelle,” Torres said. “She’s worked so hard, they’ve got this beautiful studio we’re pumping out the music. We’re shooting a video that will be so cool and you will be the first to know about it.”

The duet and music video from the twosome will premiere exclusively withTejano Nation.

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