David Lee Garza and Mike Torres III showcase classic albums on new podcast

David Lee Garza and Mike Torres III | Photo: Rene Caballero

David Lee GarzaandMike Torres IIIhave teamed up to co-host a new podcast that will showcase classic Tejano albums.

“Listening Back with DLG and MT III” launched in January to record and help preserve the history of Tejano and Chicano music.

“You can go to any library in town and check out twenty books on the history of jazz and the history of rock’n’roll, or any kind of music that had a big mark in the American music industry and you can’t find that for Tejano,” Torres told Tejano Nation.

Torres, co-leader ofLa 45and former musician withLittle Joe Y La Familia, felt that his career as a Tejano musician put him in a unique position to document the careers of many of his peers and legendary musicians.

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“I get to talk to these people very candidly,” he said. “I got to talk to people who were there, who did it, who were involved and I get to hear their stories.”

Garza became a part of the podcast when Torres thought of who else would be interested in speaking on the history of Tejano music.

“He’s a historian too,” said Torres. “He loves the story, he loves hearing who was on the album and how they were made. I know he’s a big fan of all eras of Tejano and Chicano music, and he also has a lot of connections, everybody knows him.”

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The podcast has already featured classic albums fromLittle Joe,Conjunto Bernal, andLos Unicos. Upcoming episodes will also feature guests, including singers, musicians, and producers of the classic albums featured to give more insight into their history.

“Hopefully people will be able to get some insight into some of these musicians, some of these albums and really into the growth of our music.”

Learn more about “Listening Back with DLG and MT3” at their official Facebook pagehere. Listen to the latest podcast episodeshere.

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