Jaime DeAnda speaks on new band, Los Chamacos break up and more

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Jaime DeAnda parted ways with Los Chamacos in December and he talked about his new band, the breakup and more in a recent interview.

DeAnda spoke to Tejano Nation radio affiliate Fierro 107.5 HD2 and morning co-host JD “Bo Leo” Gonzalez about what’s next for the Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Famer. He has constructed a new band and is ready to hit the stage in 2019 with classic hits and new music.

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DeAnda spoke about the decision to move on from Los Chamacos after over 30 years together with many successful albums and hit songs.

“We gave it a heck of a run and so many years,” DeAnda said. “We’ve parted our ways, trying to keep it professional and you know things happen for a reason and sometimes you try to do as much as you can, but when you need to move on or make a change that’s the biggest decision that you’re gonna make.”

The break up was a surprise to many fans.

“A lot of ’em, of course, were ‘Ah, I can’t believe it, why would you do this and do that’, and it’s easy to say stick around whatever job you have or wherever you were in the past,” he added. “But when you want to move on and you think it’s time for the right choice or to do something better, you gotta take that risk. You gotta take that chance.”

Los Chamacos have also moved on and began performing with guest vocalists and accordionists.

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Listen to the full interview with Jaime DeAnda on Fierro 107.5 HD2 at FierroHD.Radio.com .

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