‘Las Nubes’ gets mariachi makeover from Little Joe and Olivia Calderon

Olivia Calderon and Little Joe | Vimeo

Posted on September 10, 2018 by Romeo

The classic song “Las Nubes” from Little Joe Y La Familia is considered by many as the Chicano national anthem and it recently received a mariachi makeover from Little Joe and former “La Reina de la Cancion” contestant Olivia Calderon with a song and music video release.

Little Joe posted the music video his official Facebook page on September 7 with the caption, “Here’s the Las Nubes (mariachi) music video Olivia and I did for you all. I hope you enjoy it!”

“Las Nubes” is an iconic song that became an anthem to the farm workers movement led by César Chávez and the Chicano movement that had emerged across the American Southwest during the 1960s and 1970s.

Calderon, who is a mariachi singer from Arizona and was a contestant on “La Reina de la Cancion” in 2017, re-recorded the iconic tune earlier this year and released it as a single on August 16.

“So excited to finally have ‘Las Nubes’ released with Little Joe,” Calderon posted on her official Facebook page. “It was a pleasure, honor and a dream come true to work with him.”

“Las Nubes” by Little Joe and Olivia Calderon is available now at all digital musical platforms.

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WATCH: “Las Nubes” (Mariachi) — Little Joe and Olivia Calderon



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