Joe Lopez lie detector test results revealed

Posted on August 27, 2018 by Tejano Nation

Joe Lopez

The results of a lie detector test with Joe Lopez have been revealed.

News Center 23 reports the results say the former Tejano singer did not have sex with his teenage niece, a crime he was convicted of in 2006 and spent more than decade in prison.

Lopez was asked questions about the crimes, but the questions are confidential and part of Lopez’s writ of habeas corpus as his legal team works toward exoneration.

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Sandra Vallejo, manager for Lopez, says the results determine that he is telling the truth.

“Joe is an innocent man,” Vallejo told News Center 23 reporter Derick Garcia. “He did not commit this crime and that he literally served almost 12 years in prison for something he did not do.”

A polygraph and a sex evaluation are required six months after a convict is discharged from prison, according to News Center 23.

The DNA results that also helped to convict Lopez are also being retested, but results of those tests have yet to be released.

Lopez was released on parole in March, but he is not a free man. After more than 11 years in prison, the co-founder of Grammy winning group Mazz, has to wear an ankle monitor and spend most of his time inside. He is under extensive supervision with limited time out of his home, for now.

See the full story from News Center 23 here.

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