Siggno release new single and music video ‘Solo Ámame’

Posted on April 10, 2018 by Romeo

YouTube | Grupo Siggno

Siggno released the new single and music video, “Solo Ámame,” on Monday (April 9).

The track was written by Louie Padilla and produced by Ricky Muñoz of Intocable. This is the second straight single released by Siggno produced by Muñoz. Siggno’s hit single “Que Me Amas” was also produced by Muñoz, with more collaborations expected between Siggno and Muñoz.

Turner talked about the latest release in an interview with KXTN in November, “I really think that second song is going to take us to another level. If you thought ‘Que Me Amas’ was awesome, I can’t wait til the next single, but that’s not coming out til next year, after we finish this album.”

The visual for “Solo Ámame” was directed by Turner and filmed on the outskirts of his hometown of Santa Rosa, Texas.

“I was brought up around these areas and today it is (an) honor to share this video with you as it was done with all of our hearts,” Turner posted on Facebook. “It is very meaningful to me.”

The video was produced by Estevan Gonzalez and Ricardo Casanova from NX LVL Media with Roel Nava of Interline Films.

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WATCH: “Solo Ámame” — Siggno



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