Sarah Monique speaks on her new single and powerful music video

Posted on January 17, 2018 by Romeo

Sarah Monique | Photo by Jimencio

Sarah Monique released her new single “Esta Noche Te Olvido” along with a powerful music video on Wednesday (Jan. 17).

The singer talked with Tejano Nation Radio host Romeo about the significance of the song to her own personal life and hopes that it will serve as an anthem for others that are dealing with the same circumstances.

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“Everybody has been through a relationship where they’ve been cheated on, they’ve been abused some sort of way, physically, mentally, emotionally, and a break up is very hard to overcome,” Sarah Monique told Tejano Nation Radio. “I really wanted this to be, not only my anthem for helping me move on, but for other women as well.”

Sarah Monique premiered the song with Tejano Nation Radio and gave more details on what to expect from the 2014 Tejano Music Awards Best New Female nominee in 2018.

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LISTEN: Sarah Monique speaks on new single and powerful music video ‘Esta Noche Te Olvido’



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