Cezar Martinez performs ‘El Privilegio’ with Robstown HS marching band


Cezar Martinez, lead vocalist of David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales, performed the DLG hit “El Privilegio” with his alma mater, the Robstown High School marching band on Thursday night (Sept. 21).

The 25-year-old singer, a 2010 graduate of Robstown High School, played trumpet in the Cottonpicker band and was singer and accordion in the Mariachi band. He returned to his old stomping grounds to perform the hit song with the marching band and accompanied on the accordion by Arnold Arias of Los Arias.

Martinez was excited about the performance as he wrote during a Facebook post earlier in the week.

“I am beyond excited and want to thank the students who have been working extremely hard to learn the music. It’s gonna be great to be back on the field with The Pride of Robstown…The Big Red Band from Pickerland,” he said. “I want to thank my old band director Mr. Charles Cabrera for this wonderful opportunity.”

Martinez has been lead vocalist for Los Musicales since Thanksgiving of 2014. He is the featured vocalist on the band’s 27th studio album, 2715, released in March 2015, as well as their latest album, Una Noche a Tu Lado, released in June 2016.

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WATCH: Cezar Martinez performs ‘El Privilegio’ with Robstown HS marching band



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