204 years ago. . . In 1813, the U.S. Navy gained their oh-so-catchy motto when the mortally wounded Captain James Lawrence, commander of the U.S. frigate "Chesapeake", shouted "DON'T GIVE UP THE SHIP!" during a losing battle with the British.


 174 years ago. . . In 1843, Cleveland, Ohio, and Buffalo and Rochester, New York, have SNOW FALL in June.  (And as Vanessa Williams would say, "Sometimes the snow falls down in June.  Sometimes the sun goes 'round the Moon.")


 90 years ago. . . In 1927, LIZZIE BORDEN, who was accused of the ax murders of her stepmother and father in Fall River, Massachusetts, died at age 66.


 79 years ago. . . In 1938, SUPERMAN appeared in the first issue of "Action Comics"!  In 2014, a copy sold for $3.2 million, the highest price ever paid for a comic book.


 53 years ago. . . In 1964, the ROLLING STONES arrived in New York to begin their first American tour.  Their first show was at a high school stadium in Lynn, Massachusetts.


 50 years ago. . . In 1967, the BEATLES released their album "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".  It instantly went gold and was number one for four months.


37 years ago. . . In 1980, CNN began broadcasting as the first News Network on Cable.


24 years ago. . . In 1993, CBS-TV tried DUAL NEWS ANCHORS for the first time.  DAN RATHER and CONNIE CHUNG began working together on "The CBS Evening News".  The experiment failed and Rather was solo again less than two years later.


 21 years ago. . . In 1996, RAY COMBS,the second "Family Feud" host, was admitted to the hospital with head injuries after two failed suicide attempts.

 (He succeeded on his third attempt on the following day, by hanging himself from a bedsheet in the psychiatric ward of the Glendale Adventist Hospital outside of L.A.)

Nine years ago. . . In 2008, a fire on the back lot of Universal Studios destroyed Hill Valley . . . the town from "Back to the Future" . . . which was being used as the set for "The Ghost Whisperer".  About three-quarters of the King Kong exhibit was also lost.

Eight years ago. . . In 2009, GENERAL MOTORS FILED FOR BANKRUPTCY, in one of the ultimate signs of how far the American auto industry has fallen.  Although, thanks to their hard work . . . and our bailout money . . . GM has bounced back nicely.

 Happy birthday to:

Alanis Morissette is 43. Angry Canadian who has swapped fluids with both Ryan Reynolds and Dave Coulier.

Terri Polo is 48. She's Ben Stiller's lady in Meet the Parents.

Morgan Freeman is 80! When you need an older black actor with gravitas to be in your film as a narrator, political figure or God himself, you go with Morgan Freeman. Y es Marijuano!

And it would've been his birthday...Cleavon Little. (1939 - 1992) The Black Sheriff who foiled Harvey Korman's plans in Mel Brooks "Blazing Saddles". Excuse him while he whips this out.


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