Datebook on National Wine Day


122 years ago. . . In 1895, OSCAR WILDE was convicted of a "morals charge" in London and was sentenced to two years in prison.  (He liked the barely legal naked boys. . . "twinks", if you will.)

   82 years ago. . . In 1935, BABE RUTH hit the714TH and final home run of his career, for the Boston Braves, in a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.  It was his third home run in that game . . . and set a home run record that would stand for 39 YEARS. . .. . . until HANK AARON broke it in 1974. (Barry Bonds eventually broke Hank Aaron's record . . . but only with the help of massive amounts of steroids.)

 58 years ago. . . In 1959, the Supreme Court ruled that PROHIBITING BOXING MATCHES BETWEEN BLACKS AND WHITES was unconstitutional.  Good news for equality, bad news for white people:  They haven't won a boxing match since.

 40 years ago. . . In 1977, "Star Wars" was released in theaters! (Good luck finding the version you saw during that run . . . unless you own it on VHS.)

 34 years ago. . . In 1983, "Return of the Jedi" opened on 1,002 movie screens across the country . . . grossing a record $6.2 million dollars.  It went on to make more than $300 MILLION . . . which was less than all three abysmal prequels would make decades later.

 31 years ago. . . In 1986, HANDS ACROSS AMERICA!  More than six million Americans held hands, trying to form a line across the country to raise money for the homeless.  The chain had several breaks, though, so homelessness was not conquered.

 25 years ago. . . In 1992, JAY LENO made his debut as full-time host of the "Tonight Show", succeeding the legendary JOHNNY CARSON.  Taking the very poor advice of Executive HELEN KUSHNICK, Jay made no mention of Johnny.  It was not the last A-holish thing Jay Leno would do during his time on NBC.

12 years ago. . . In 2005, CARRIE UNDERWOOD defeated BO BICE to become the fourth "American Idol" . . . and one of the few we actually remember.

  10 years ago. . . In 2007, CHARLES NELSON REILLY . . . one of the first OPENLY-GAY SHOWBIZ SUPERSTARS . . . died at the age of 76.  (Some of you would remember him for his AWESOME work as a panelist on "Match Game".  He was also a regular on "Hollywood Squares" and Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show".)

Happy Birthday to:

Shawne Merriman is 33. Former NFL linebacker who has NO RESPECT FOR HIS BODY. He's put steroids into his own body....and put himself into Tila Tequila's body. Not sure which is worse!!

Demetri Martin is 44. Funny dude from Comedy Central. He graduated from Yale, got into law school...then made his parents proud by dropping out to be a comedian. His greatest joke I think is: I wish I lived next door to Carnegie Hall. Then if someone asked me how to get to my place, I could tell them , "Practice, practice, practice...then take a left."   If you don't get it right away, don't worry. Most people don't. But you'll love it when you it finally clicks. Unless your sense of humor SUCKS.

Jaime Kennedy is 47. Somehow used to nail Jennifer Love Hewitt.



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