Date Book for Today

(Note, needed a picture before I was able to post this. Couldn't find anything but a girl in a bikini.)

Datebook for Today...Let's see what happened:

225 years ago . . . In 1792, THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE was founded by brokers meeting under a tree located on what is now Wall Street. 

172 years ago . . . In 1845, the RUBBER BAND was patented. Aww, snap! (No, YOU STFU!) 

63 years ago . . . In 1954, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled AGAINST RACIAL SEGREGATION in the landmark case of "BROWN VS. BOARD OF EDUCATION OF TOPEKA" . . . saying "separate but equal" isn't really equal at all. 

7 years ago . . . In 1980, KISS drummer PETER CRISS . . . The Cat . . . left the group. It was kinda because he wanted to start an (ill-advised) solo career . . . and kinda because the rest of Kiss was ready to get rid of him. By this point, he was abusing drugs . . . and had gotten into trouble for a fight inside an L.A. restaurant, where he and one of his family members got into it over who had BIGGER GENITALIA. He reunited with Kiss 15 years later. 30 years ago . . . 

 27 years ago . . . In 1990, KELSEY GRAMMAR was sentenced to 30 days in jail for DWI. Six years later, he'd prove he learned nothing from the experience . . . when he drunkenly flipped his Dodge Viper. 

25 years ago . . . In 1992, the World Health Organization FINALLY took "HOMOSEXUALITY" off its list of MENTAL ILLNESSES. (Then they met Andy Dick, and put it right back on.)

Happy Birthday

Tony Parker is 35. He did things to Eva Longoria, then got bored and let her go. (Don't judge. You would too. Eventually.

Davd Eigenberg is 53. You might know hin as Steve, the nerdy husband of Miranda on Sex and the City.

Bob Saget is 61 (Todavia vive?) Full House star

Danny Trejo is 73. Machete. He doesn't look a day over 98


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