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“It was mostly for the inductees and their family and friends. There were about 150 people there. I didn’t know what to expect,” said Garza.

Garza has about 25 albums to his credit. His last one, “Just Friends” was released this year and is a solo project.

The CD features 12 songs and was the result of a discussion Garza had with his dad.

Among the many vocalists joining Garza for “Just Friends” is Joaquin Cura. Among the many vocalists joining Garza for “Just Friends” is Joaquin Cura.“I dedicated it to everybody in my family, my grandpa, my grandma, my mom and dad, my brothers. I had 10 different singers and these musicians to put this CD together,” said Garza.

He chose vocalists that he had lent his talents to in the past. “As soon as I asked them,” said Garza, “they said, just tell me when and where.”

The project took about three months and was produced by Gilbert Velasquez at V-Music studio in San Antonio.

Joey Rodriguez has been with Garza for many years and served as the project coordinator. Photography was done by Al Rendon Photography.

The CD sleeve starts off by mentioning Garza’s grandfather, the late Adan Garza. He describes his grandpa as having been a jokester who always listened.

Garza also shares a funny story about his grandfather’s trip to Las Vegas:

“We would take him from casino to casino and finally I asked him, ‘Which casino did you like the best?’ He turns around and tells me, ‘Well, they all look the same to me.’”

Garza describes his grandmother, the late Teresa Garza as having been a more serious type of lady. She always spoke her mind.

He also credits his brother Richard “Dicky” Garza for being such a big part of his life and career. His sister, Rebecca “Becky” Garza is always behind the scenes. However, “You are a very big part in all our careers,” states Garza. He also asked her to never change the way she is and then jokingly asks for enchiladas and a free haircut.

Garza goes on to talk about his dad, the late Antonio A. Garza, whom he credits for teaching him about life and music, as well as his mom, Barbara E. Garza. She still resides in Poteet.

His brother Adam Garza is the only drummer Garza has ever had.

The album features songs with Adalberto Gallegos, Jessy Serrata, Joe Posada, David Farias, Joaquin Cura, Gabriel Olvera, David Marez, Marcos Orozco, Gary Hobbs, Eddie Perez, Jonny Ramirez and a bonus track: Arturo Montes Y Ternura Live 1984 with Tony Garza.

Musicians for this project included: David Lee Garza (of course) on accordion, Mario Ortiz on keyboards, Eddie Perez on bajo sexto, Chente Barrera on drums, Val Maltos on saxophone, Steve Roth and Eddie Perez on bass and Gilbert Velasquez on electric guitar.

In February of 2010, Garza was inducted into the Tejano Roots Hall of Fame in Alice. He was unable to attend that event, so he made it a point of attending the San Benito ceremony.

Garza said that Conjunto music has always been in his blood. Growing up, his father always had a band. Garza started playing the drums, but when it proved to not be a challenge, his dad made him learn the accordion.

“He taught me my first polka. Then he said I was on my own, as far as learning more,” Garza said.

The first time he played with his father in a public venue, he was only 10-years old.

“We would practice in Cotulla, Pleasanton and Poteet. There was always music in my house,” said Garza. “At 11, we formed a band.”

The 1975 graduate of Poteet High School has been playing ever since, with more than 40 years in the business. He has earned two Grammy awards and several Tejano music awards, to name a few. He has appeared on such shows as Tejano Y Mas, Tejano Country, as well as shows down in the Texas Valley and Corpus Christi.

Their most popular venues are throughout Texas, Arizona, California, Nevada and Florida. They also attend shows in the Midwest, where Tejano stations are limited.

The program from the Conjunto induction ceremony states, “Today, despite increasing popularity, Los Musicales has retained the friendly small town air and the family structure. David Lee’s brothers, Richard and Adam, play in the band.

“David Lee Garza has created a unique accordion style that makes him appealing for a wide range of collaborative efforts. He has recorded with Grammy Award winners like Little Joe y La Familia, Jimmy Gonzales and Joel Guzman. Country artists like Kevin Fowler, Johnny Rodriguez and T. Graham Brown have also enhanced their recordings with the sound of his accordion.

“Los Musicales have been the only Tejano group to spin off solo careers for vocalists who have been part of the David Lee dynasty. The group has acted as a revolving door for vocal talent that includes: Ramiro “Ram” Herrera, Emilio Navaira, Jay Perez, Oscar G., Marcos Orozco, Mark Ledesma and Ben Ozuna.”

The program ends, “Carrying the legacy of the small town Texas cowboy who has not forgotten his roots in Mexican culture, David Lee Garza has taken his spirit on a journey that has made him a legend on the Tejano circuit. We welcome David Lee Garza to the Texas Conjunto Music Hall of Fame.”

“Especially coming from a little town, it is great to be recognized by our peers,” said Garza.

“I would like to say thanks to all our fans. They have kept us going all these years.”

Upcoming plans for Garza include taping a DVD in San Antonio in mid-July. It will feature dance music from all parts of Texas to showcase different styles. His upcoming shows include Las Vegas in early August, for the 2013 Tejano Convention and a reunion of Los Musicales in Humble, Texas, on August 31.


1. “No Me Trates Asi,” with Adalberto
2. “Amorcito Del Alma,” with Jessy Serrata
3. “Eres Todo Mi Ser,” with Joe Posada
4. “Ya Pa’ Que,” with David Farias
5. “Ella Sabe,” with Joaquin Cura
6. “Mi Cariñito,” with Gabriel Oliva

7. “Me Bastas,” with David Marez
8. “Soy Del Amor Un Soñador,” with Marcos Orozco
9. “La Barca,” with Gary Hobbs
10. “Tu Tienes La Culpa,” with Eddie Perez
11. “The Radio Guy,” with Johnny Ramirez
12. Tony’s Favorites (instrumental): “Going Out Of My Head” and

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