Cops Respond to Shoplifting Call And Buy Thief The Boots He Needed For Job

A pair of officers from Roeland Park Police Department in Kansas are being praised for their decision not to arrest a shoplifter who was caught red-handed trying to steal a pair of work boots from a local Walmart. The department said in the Facebook post that the shoplifter was "a displaced juvenile within the State of Kansas Justice system" who admitted to stealing the boots and said that he needed them so he could get a job. 

After hearing his story, Officer Suffield and Officer Snepp felt that they needed to help the young man and decided to buy him the pair of boots. When they presented him with the boots they offered him "some words of encouragement to find a job, finish school, and stay out of trouble." 

As the supervisor of the group home arrived to pick the young man up, the would-be thief had tears in his eyes and thanked the officers for choosing not to place him under arrest. 

After Police Chief John Morris heard the story from his officers, he said he was moved to tears.  

Just another reason why I am so proud of my officers here in Roeland Park. I just smiled when I heard this story a short time ago as it almost made me cry too.

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