Erika Renée receives two Premios Tejano Mundial 2023 nominations

Erika Renée | Courtesy photo

SAN ANTONIO, TX — Erika Renée is a woman who has made a name for herself outside the United States, enjoying prestige, fans, and fame in Mexico and Latin America, but now she begins to see spectacular triumphs in the U.S., the proof of which is the third annual Premios Tejano Mundial as the “Un Beso” singer appears in two categories.

Owner of a very special style, a unique timbre of voice, and a natural talent for the composition of spectacular songs, is how this beautiful singer-songwriter is defined. She is a star on the rise, whose talents have given her the success every artist dreams of with hits such as “Me Aleje de ti”, “Al Cien” and “La Número Seis” among others. Her name can now be included in consideration for the final nominations of Premios Tejano Mundial, where Erika Renée is measured tu por tú with stars such as Latin Grammy winner Bobby Pulido, veterans Michael SalgadoPatsy Torres, and Shelly Lares, as well as international rising stars Destiny Navaira and Yoanna Divaluna, and among many equally talented artists.

“I am very grateful to be considered for the Premios Tejano Mundial nominations,” said Erika Renée. “It is an honor to be nominated along with so many professional and talented artists, my respects and congratulations to all the nominees.”

The news of these nominations comes at an excellent time, as she is currently promoting her new single “Acércate” which, a few days after its launch on radio and digital platforms, is receiving very positive reviews from critics who categorize the single as one of biggest hits of 2023.

The success of “Acércate” is thanks to Erika Renée’s talent for both singing and composing, since the lyrics are her own, and features another emerging talent in Tejano, Alizé Niño, adding a very special touch to the collaboration.

Premios Tejano Mundial, which celebrates its third edition in 2023, recognizes achievements in the Tejano music industry each year in 23 categories from Tejano, Tex-Mex, Conjunto, Chicano, and even progressive Tejano music, honoring the most select of the entire movement born in Texas with strong roots in other cities such as Monterrey in northern Mexico.

In addition to these triumphs in Erika Renée’s career, she is preparing one more musical release in the coming days which she assures will satisfy all those who have always been by her side, supporting her and witnessing her success. Although it has arrived after traveling a difficult road, she does not regret it, because it fills her with satisfaction to know that each step taken, no matter how small, has been due to her fans.

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