South TX Homies honor songwriter with release of ‘Por Fin Decidí’

South TX Homiesreleased the new single “Por Fin Decidí” to all digital music platforms today from M Music Group.

The song is special to the Latin Grammy-nominated group, according to South TX Homies accordionistAnthony Treviñoas the release honors the songrwiter, who recently passed away.

“That song was given to us by a friend,Samuel Rubio, he didn’t get to hear it completed. After he gave it to us about a month later he passed away,” Treviño tellsTejano Nation. “So the song is kind of special. We had a lot of fun recording it. It’s a great song, I like the little hooks in it and we’re pretty excited for the new album. We got a lot of stuff going on and we’re hyped up.”

South TX Homies are currently working on their sophomore album, the follow up to their debut album,It’s Time, released in March 2020 which earned a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Tejano Album last year.

“Man, no pressure right,” Treviño said with a laugh. “I’m definitely feeling the pressure from that because you always got to figure out how to make the next album greater.”

Lead vocalistAndrew Rodriguezhas penned songs for the upcoming album from the South TX Homies.

“He’s written probably about four or five songs and we’ve gone over a few of them already and they’re coming out really, really good.” added Treviño. “I’m very excited for it, I think this album is definitely going to be a step up fromIt’s Time.”

The highly-anticipated sophomore album from South TX Homies is scheduled for release in Spring 2022. “Por Fin Decidí” is available to stream or download onall digital music platforms.

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