Lucky Joe releases music video for ‘Me Caíste Del Cielo’ (Mariachi Version)

Courtesy of Freddie Records

Lucky Joepaid tribute to Norteño greats with his latest albumNorteño Y Poderoso: Tributo a Mis Idolos, and the Latin Grammy-nominated singer recently released the official music video for the Mariachi version of “Me Caíste Del Cielo,” song written and recorded by late legendary Mexican singerCornelio Reyna.

Lucky Joe tellsTejano Nationrecording his latest album brought back memories of his childhood in south Texas. “I’ve got a lot of favorite Norteño songs. I grew up listening to Ramon (Ayala) y Cadetes (de Linares), and Lalo Mora, Los Invasores (de Nuevo Leon),” he said. “A lot of people don’t know this but my family, most of my grandparents are from Monterrey. So I grew upen todos las carnes asadas con musica así(in all the barbecues with music like this), you know with that type of music.”

This latest album was the idea ofFreddie RecordsownerFreddie Martinez, the legendary singer and songwriter, but Lucky Joe wasn’t sure if his Tejano fans would accept a Norteno album.

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“When Freddie approached me, I was like, ‘Yeah man, that’s going to take me way back,’ and we chose 13 songs, good old classic Norteno hits and we decided to record them,” he said. “It was kind of iffy, you know because my genre is Tejano music. I was kind of scared because I hoped that Nuestra Raza Tejana will accept it. We released ‘El Palomito’ from the ‘Nortenos Y Poderoso’ album and it just took off. La gente accepted it very well and I think it’s because we really tried to leave it as original as possible and we’re blessed with this new album. People seem to really, really dig it.”

For the album’s latest single, “Me Caíste Del Cielo,” Lucky Joe decided to record two versions.

“We released the Norteno version, now two months later we’re releasing the Mariachi version of it,” said Lucky Joe. “Cornelio actually recorded it mariachi tambien. He did it Norteno, then he did it Mariachi, so we decided to follow the same path.”

The official music video for the Mariachi version of “Me Caíste Del Cielo” was filmed byRyan Bazanand features a vintage black and white visual.

Lucky Joe — “Me Caiste Del Cielo” (Mariachi Version)

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