Marcus Daniels showcases Lowrider culture for ‘Contigo’ music video

Marcus Daniels

Marcus Danielsis a rising talent in the Tejano music scene. The Waco singer has been compared toDee BurlesonofCulturasand late Chicano music legend “El Charro Negro”Bobby Butler. Daniels was influenced by Hispanic culture growing up in Central Texas, those influences can be seen in the official music video for his latest single “Contigo.”

The party cumbia is the latest single released fromCumbiaville, the third album from Daniels, and the second produced by award-winning hitmakerGabriel Zavala.

“This is just my standard club cumbia that I wanted to have on there,” Daniels tellsTejano Nation. “I was trying to hit all the genres and this is the one I just wanted to have a good party club song in there. I don’t know, a lot of people like to stick to one genre, one style, but I’m trying to be as diverse as possible and that’s what I do.”

The visual for “Contigo,” filmed byMichael Salgado Jr, features Daniels honoring Lowrider culture and the Pachuco style, even becoming almost unrecognizable to fans and even his own mother in the music video.

“My mom said she was scrolling because I put the TikTok video up first and someone sent it to her and she almost watched the whole thing before she realized it was me, so it was hilarious,” laughed Daniels. “It’s just me giving an homage to all the Pachucos out there, man. Everyone knows I’m country as hell, I’m a cowboy, but I thought this would be really cool and fun to just show a different side.”

Marcus Daniels — “Contigo” Official Music Video

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