Michael Salgado on his latest music, origin of his signature song + more


Michael Salgadohas been cranking out hits for over 20 years and the star spoke about the origin of one of his signatures songs, his latest music and more in a recent interview.

“Cruz De Madera” is the first hit single and signature song for the singer and accordionist released in 1995. Salgado told “Domingo Live” about the origin of the hit song, a suggestion from his cousin.

“Back in the day, we were chasing the dream…playing in Midland, Texas,” he said. “We would play there every two weeks or so and people would start asking for it. We didn’t know at that time that we had a hit on our hands.”

Salgado also spoke about the time he realized he made it big and his latest music projects.

Watch the full interview with Michael Salgado on “Domingo Live” below.

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