David Farias & Lydia Castillo collaboration is a new take on "Baby Dont Go"

Tejano veteran accordionist/vocalistDavid Fariasjoins newcomerLydia Castilloon a new single, “Baby Don’t Go,” that is actually a cover ofa Sonny and Cher 1965 pop singlebut in this version, manages to fuse Tejano, country and zydeco.

But Farias and Castillo, whose voices blend beautifully together, are not the first artists to cover the song and not even the first Tejano artists to do so. In 1997,Dwight Yoakum and Sheryl Crow covered the songon his “Under the Covers” album. Then, Tejano powerhousesShelly LaresandRam Herrerarecordedtheir version of the songfor Lares’ “De Mi Corazon” album in 2013.

What makes this version different, according toXavier Chavarilla, owner of record label,Texas 3rd Coast A&E, is the melding of languages and sounds. This latest version is bilingual — and more upbeat as it combines Tejano, country and even zydeco influences.

OnDJ Eddie Olivo’s June 19, 2019 show, he interviews Chavarilla, Castillo and Farias. (The interview starts 31 minutes in, and then, at the one-hour mark Farias joins the conversation.)

Farias reveals this is his first time to sing in English. The song’s musical arranger and on-site producer is the skilled proChente Barrera. Also appearing on the song isMario Ortiz, keyboardist and musical director forJay Perez, who is featured on accordion.

Chavarilla said, on Olivo’s show, that his record label is different from others in that he produces music and not artists. He said he has more than 100 songs that he plans to produce with a diversity of Tejano artists.

Listen to this latest take on the song, “Baby Don’t Go,” that is being touted as the “song of the summer” and see how it moves you! It’s available now at all digital music platforms.

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LISTEN: David Farias — “Baby Don’t Go” (featuring Lydia Castillo)



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