Destiny Navaira hints at solo career with release of promo video

Destiny Navaira | Courtesy photo

Destiny Navaira, the heiress ofRaulitoandEmilio Navaira, released a promotional video on Friday night, which seems to hint at the start of her solo career.

Destiny has been a prominent voice in the Tejano music industry but there are many speculations as to what direction her solo project will take and why she is deciding to move forward as a solo artist.

“I have always loved Tejano music,” said Navaira. “But I think it’s time I introduce a new sound and challenge myself to write and sing songs that can reach an even broader audience.”

Since the new year, Destiny has been in the studio writing and producing alongsideRigo Navaira,Rudy Olivares,Mike Aguilar Jr., andJuan Trevino. A release date for the entire project has not been announced; however, by the looks of the new promotional video, Navaira has something up her sleeve.

“For a while, I was overlooked and sometimes my voice was not heard until I sang,” said Navaira. “Once I sing, I am suddenly the preferred one, especially in the industry, and that doesn’t sit well with me. I plan to make my mark with my new project and hit the ground running.”

Destiny Navaira has been a strong empowering woman in the music industry with her community outreach and social media presence and the next step in her career is set to only amplify that presence.

“I cannot wait for everyone to see what we have been working so hard on,” said Navaira. “When people hear my new music, I want them to hear my artistry, but more importantly understand my message.”

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