Proyecto Insomnio showcase women empowerment for ‘Necesito Volar’

YouTube / Proyecto Insomnio

Proyecto Insomnioshowcases women empowerment in the official music video for their latest single “Necesito Volar,” released on Thursday (Apr. 4).

The group, originally from Baja California but now residing in Austin, Texas, received a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Tejano Album in 2018.

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“Necesito Volar” is the latest release from Proyecto Insomnio’s debut double album,Dolce Inferno, featuring the vocals of Monica Palafox.

“It’s a bit different than the music from the Grammy-nominated album,” Proyecto Isnomnio told Tejano Nation. “The beat is an uplifting dance, techno-pop, with the colors of Tejano with the accordion, bajo quinto and of course, the signature “Insomnio Style”, and for this song in particular, what we like to call ‘Nor-Techno’.”

“It has a very powerful message of empowerment for women against violence towards women, such as rape, physical and emotional abuse,” the band added. “While this song and video give awareness towards this strong subject when you see the video and hear the song, it also creates an amazing combination of hope, love, self-respect, and freedom for all ages and walks of life to feel.”

The video’s ending features an animated superhero for Palafox, which is part of the “Dolce Inferno” story with Proyecto Insomnio for the series of animated characters, created in the physical CD book.

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WATCH: Proyecto Insomnio – “Necesito Volar”



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