Shelly Lares talks new album, fans’ feedback in radio interview [AUDIO]

Tejano music iconShelly Laresreleased her highly-anticipated new albumObra De Amorto all digital music outlets this week.

In an interview with Tejano Nation radio affiliateLa Voz 93.3, Lares shared the feedback she received from fans since its release withThe Morning ZoowithPete GarciaandSupermanbased in Abilene, Texas.

“The most that fans have told me is that they’ve said its fire, they said that they’ve cried, that’s the pretty much the one that I’ve got a lot,” said Lares.

She said fans liked the ballad “No Puedo” and the song dedicated to her stepdaughterRe, “Hija Mia”.

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“The two that everybody’s kind of like real emotional about,” she said. “I’m like everybody’s all in their feelings, but this whole CD, that’s why it’s called ‘Labor Of Love’ because it’s the most intimate Shelly you will get in all of my career because I’m speaking about different forms of love whether it’s love of the person you’re with, a love that I have for my stepdaughter, a love that I experienced in heartbreak. I mean it’s just all different forms.”

The album took over three years to complete and features 11 songs. It’s the first album since the passing of her fatherFred Laresin 2016 and took over three years to complete.

Listen to the full interview with Shelly Lares below. Listen to La Voz 93.3

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LISTEN: Shelly Lares talks new album ‘Obra De Amor’ on La Voz 93.3



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