Los Chamacos add Hugo Moreno as accordionist

Hugo Moreno | Courtesy photo

Hugo Moreno | Courtesy photo

Hugo Morenohas joinedLos Chamacosas the band’s new accordionist.

Moreno replaces former frontman and accordionistJaime DeAnda, who left the band in December.

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“It takes a big man to come in and fill-in Jaime’s shoes,”Roel Joslinof Los Chamacos told Tejano Nation. “He’s willing to take on that responsibility and do it. He put on a good show.”

The 37-year-old East Texas native debuted with Los Chamacos during a show in San Antonio on March 8.

“It felt great, a little nervous,” Moreno told Tejano Nation about this debut performance. “Still building confidence. It’s not something you just get out there an ace it, you know. We’re going to be perfecting it soon, definitely great shows to come.”

Moreno started playing the accordion at the age of 14 and was taught by the lateJimmy GarciaofLos Garcia Brothers. He names his influences as Los Chamacos, Jaime DeAnda,Albert ZamoraandThe Hometown Boys.

Albert CanalesofUn Nuevo Orohad been filling in as the accordion player for Los Chamacos over the past two months and played on the band’s new single, “Fueron Tus Celos,”released this week

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Jaime Y Los Chamacos entertained fans with their high-energy, signature sound since 1982 and released many successful albums and classic hits including “Yolanda,” “Mi Musica Favorita,” and many more. The band has received multiple Grammy and Latin Grammy nominations and was inducted into the Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Fame in 2011.

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