Stripes reveals next Selena “Rose Cup” release date via social media

Stripes revealed the second of threeSelenacups to be released this year via social media on Thursday. reportsphotos of the newest Selena cup leaked on social media minutes after Stripes announced it would be released on March 9.

Stripes posted a short video on their social media platforms that feature a white rose with “03.09.19” in red letters. The post also encourages fans to purchase a Queen of Cumbia Cup while supplies last.


Photos of the cup posted by a Facebook user shows several white roses on the entire cup, with a photo of Selena in a black sleeveless outfit and the iconic Selena logo in red with a red lid on top of the cup.


The cups will be available at Stripes convenience stores in Texas and Louisiana on Saturday, March 9 at 10:00 a.m.

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