Demolition begins on iconic Hacienda Records building in Corpus Christi

YouTube / KIII 3 News

The iconicHacienda Recordsbuilding in Corpus Christi, Texas that recorded many historic Tejano albums from music legends was being demolished on Wednesday.

Crews began the demolition after the building was severely damaged during Hurricane Harvey in August 2017 and sold to ERF Real Estate, a subsidiary of the Ed Rachal Foundation, a non-profit organization.

“There’s a lot of history there,” saidRick Garciato KIII-TV. “A lot of good artists and groups gravitated toward us.”


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Garcia was one-time vice president of the record label and the brother ofRoland Garcia, who owned the building for decades and co-founded Hacienda Records in 1979.

Tejano music iconsGary Hobbs,The Hometown Boys,David Lee Garza,Ram Herrera,Emilio Navairaand many more recorded at the iconic studios over the years,KIII-TV reports.

Hacienda Records International is now run byMichelle Garcia, the founder’s daughter, and has relocated to San Antonio with a ribbon-cutting ceremony expected on Thursday at the new location.

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