Las Fenix release ‘Un Traguito De Tequila’ official music video

YouTube / Las Fenix

Las Fenixreleased the official music video for their latest single, “Un Traguito De Tequila,” on Tuesday (Feb. 12).

The Houston, Texas-based band of five sisters says their latest single, written byGabriel Flores, really grew on them to become one of their top songs to perform.

“It’s a little different than our last few singles, it’s very different actually,” Las FenixtoldTejano Nation. “But we love it…when we first heard it, it was not like love at first listen, but it definitely grew on us and of course now it’s our top song at the moment.”

The visual for “Un Traguito de Tequila” features the band performing outside of a motel, where a couple is having a great time inside the motel.

“It’s basically about a girl, who’s out having fun trying to forget about that one man,” Las Fenix said. “So, she’s out having a good time with someone else because she doesn’t need her ex.”

“It’s a fun song, you can dance to it and very catchy too,” they added.

“Un Traguito de Tequila” is available now at all digital music platforms.

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WATCH: “Un Traguito De Tequila” — Las Fenix



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