‘No Vale La Pena’ is latest release from Grupo Vidal [AUDIO]

Grupo Vidal | Courtesy photo

After the huge success of their current radio hit “Te Quiero”, Grupo Vidal follows it with a new track, “No Vale La Pena”, from Freddie Records .

The latest single release from the Kingsville, Texas natives is a valseada with a little touch of Norteno from their new album Nunca Te Rindas . It was written by Latin music icon Freddie Martinez, Sr. and is about forgetting someone that was very special in your life.

Vidal consists of two brothers, Javier Vidal , first voice and bajo sexto, and Daniel Vidal , second voice and electric bass, and music has always been a part of their lives, from singing in church at a young age to performing at talent shows and even featured vocalists in the “Selena” movie.

“No Vale La Pena” and the full album Nunca Te Rindas is available on all digital platforms and FreddieStore.com .

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LISTEN: “No Vale La Pena” — Grupo Vidal



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