‘Las Nubes’ from Little Joe Y La Familia gets animated lyric video

Posted on June 21, 2018 by Romeo

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“Las Nubes” is an iconic song from Little Joe Y La Familia that became an anthem to the farm workers movement led by César Chávez and the Chicano movement that had emerged across the American Southwest. The song has received a reboot with an animated lyric video released on June 13.

The video posted on the official Facebook page for Little Joe Y La Familia was animated and produced by Don Cameron in collaboration with La Kalaca Entertainment and has already received over 110,000 views. It features an animated Little Joe walking through the desert singing “Las Nubes” along with the song’s lyrics.

“When Michael Montijo of La Kalaca ENT and their animation partner Don Cameron came to me and pitched the idea to animate the song I absolutely loved it,” Little Joe said. “The lyrics represent the migrant workers (the forgotten) during Cesar Chavez marches while the video animation depicts the story of the thousands of families who cross the desert together (the other forgotten) looking for a better life, but don’t make it.”

Little Joe released a live concert album in September 2017 titled, A Tribute To Jose Alfredo Hernandez, recorded live at the Plaza Theatre in El Paso, Texas in March 2017.  He is a five-time Grammy winner and has recorded, and produced many hit songs and albums throughout his legendary five decades career with The Latinaires and La Familia.

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WATCH: Little Joe Y La Familia — “Las Nubes” (Animated lyric video)



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